e-Marketing is unique as it provides:
  • An all in one solution to send email campaigns directly to your contacts database - no 3rd party plug-in to install.
  • See real-time reporting to analyse response rates to your email campaigns.
  • Design and build your own email templates using drag and drop software or through the html editor.
  • Ability to share, view and track email campaign history and response rates associated to a contact not just on a list in a report.

Share information with the team

  • The e-Marketing platform is built into our web-based CRM software which means everyone in the team is kept in the picture with multi-user access from PC, Mac, tablet and mobile.
  • Real-time activity can be viewed centrally – live campaigns seen as they happen, right to the most valuable detail of when it was sent/opened/previewed/bounced/unsubscribed and by whom.

  • Click in to any of the email activity on the Dashboard and it takes you straight to the contact history record and you can see a thumbnail graphic image of the campaign sent as well as past campaigns.
  • You can see instantly if this contact is a hot prospect or not by their action.  No more wading through campaign lists to find out the results

Target marketing strategy 

  • Joined up database (CRM) and e-Marketing enables you to plan and implement campaigns more easily. 
  • Send your campaigns to specific tag groups so that you target your campaigns effectively.  
  • All contacts are segmented automatically (tagged), so you can target single, multiple or the entire database of contacts at any given time.
  • Set up automated emails (auto-responders) which can be triggered just by tagging a contact, i.e. ‘newsletter’ tag will automatically send out newsletter at specific time and date -every 3rd Thursday of the month at 4pm.


Flexible pricing – adhoc or choose from one of our paid monthly e-Marketing plans.  Please click here for further details on our pricing.

Easy-to-use Drag and Drop templates

  • Create your own templates for promotions and newsletters with our easy to use template builder.  Simply drag and drop the format modules you want in your layout and job done – 3 easy steps.  
  • Once you have created the colour and layout you want just save and then you can go in and add photos, paste in text etc, send yourself test emails to check you are happy with the layout and content.
  • Please click hereto read more about creating templates and to access our quick video tutorials.

Report Statistics reveal the successful of each campaign:

  • View a global map to see where your campaigns have been sent how the recipients opened the email i.e. what platform they used i.e. on an iPad, iPhone in Outlook etc. 
  • See how many emails were delivered, opened, clicked, bounced  to analyse and track which campaigns are successful and which were not.
  • To find out more about the reporting features inside your CRM account with integrated e-Marketing please click here.

To find out more please contact our Support Helpdesk.