1. Go into the calendar section of your CRM account.

2. Select Create Event (located on the left hand side of the screen as shown below in red:)

3.  A pop up will appear (see example below), here you can select to send the calendar event reminder as an SMS. 

Please note that there is a charge per SMS reminder that is sent out, please contact our support desk for pricing.

4. Click on 'Save'

5. You will receive an event reminder by SMS at the time set prior to the appointment time - for example 1 hour before as shown in the above example.

Please check with the Key Account Holder of your CRM account to see whether it is company policy to use this paid feature or whether you need to send your event reminders out via Email which is free of charge.

Please note: the SMS reminder will only be sent out to the user who created the calendar event. Any guests invited who accept the invitation to the event will not be sent the SMS calendar event reminder.