An Auto receptionist is an automated service that will ensure all of your calls are answered professionally and routed to the correct person, department or location.

Upgrade your business image by looking bigger and impress clients with a professional recording. Your clients like to feel they are getting your personal attention without getting lost in the system. 

They can dial you or your team directly by extension or by name. Calls not answered can be sent to voicemail and retrieved through our voicemail to email service.

IVR Call Routing Video: 

Please click here to view a short video on this service. 

Customise your IVR (auto receptionist) to suit your business needs:

We will assist you in writing and recording a customised greeting. When your customers call they will hear a professionally recorded greeting with a choice of menu of options i.e.:

Thank you for calling ABC Plumbing. Please choose from the following options. Press 1 to speak to Tom Smith, Press 2 for Sales, Press 3 for Deliveries, etc (customise by name, department or location).

Press 0 to hold on the line or # to replay the options. 

To listen to a sample recording of our IVR service please click here.

Pricing to set up IVR on your phone lines:

£30-£50 + VAT set up fee (depending on complexity of IVR routing) - this includes our standard voice sample

If you wish to have any other professional voice artist then we would need to quote for this. Alternatively you can provide your own voice recording.

To have the IVR service on a VoIP line costs £15 + VAT per month. 

Please contact our Support Helpdesk to find out more.