About the Files section: 

The online File Repository is a place to store internal files for your business in one central place.  

Please click here to watch a short video about the features available. 

The File repository allows the team to share and have access to files instantly. 

Upload or download files from anywhere on a range of different devices:
  • Laptop
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Tablet
  • Mobile (Important Note: you cannot upload or download via a mobile)

What sort of files can you upload?

Share documents (Word, Power Point, Excel files), images (png, jpeg and gif format) documents (pdf format), video (mp4, .mov) and more.

How much disk storage do I get? 

You can store as much as you would like - your account comes with 10GB of storage space as standard – but if you need more it is there for the taking however this is chargeable, please contact our Support Desk for pricing.  

If you have a larger requirement talk to us.

Can I see who edited the document – time and date?

No – it will only show the usual information within the File Repository which will be the time and date the document was last updated – it will not tell you which user updated it.

Are my files still backed up and encrypted?

Yes, your files are encrypted and backed up multiple times a day as usual.

Can you create folders and sub folders?

Create folders/directories and then store the relevant information in them.  To find out more please see information on setting up sub folders below:

When you first go into the File Repository it takes you to the main directory called My Files.

From here you can create the Main Folder/Category you want your Files to be stored in. For example we will create a Folder called Accounts. See Below to see how: 

1. Press on Create button and drop down option called Folder  will appear, click this option:


2. Next enter the name you want the folder to be called. In the example we have called the main file Accounts. 

3. Press Create button and here you will see the Accounts Folder has been created. It displays it in the MyFiles list in alphabetical order. Note it shows the date it was set up – modification date.

4. Now you have the Main Folder you are ready to set up sub-folders.

5. Click on the White Folder next to the word Accounts - as shown in red below:

6. This will take you straight into the Accounts Folder and this is where you will create the sub-folder. 

7. All you need to do now is click on the Create Folder button again  the same way you did when you set up Accounts – except now it will place it in the Accounts Folder NOT the My Files. 

8. In this example the new sub-folder is going to be called Invoices. If  you click into the Invoice folder notice the display changes so you 

can see the Main Folder and then the sub-folders. 

9. You can see that it shows My Files/Accounts/Invoices.

10. You can continue to add another Sub Folder if you want within the Invoices sub folder following the same procedure. Open up Invoices Folder and then just click on the Create button as before and name the next sub-folder. In the case we will call it Quarterly Invoicing. 

11. When we click into the new Quarterly Invoicing sub folder you can see the directory route shows as Folders and Sub-folders.

12. Now all you need to do is upload the Files/Documents etc that  you want stored in each sub folder by clicking on the Upload button. 

13. To Navigate back from one Sub Folder or back to the  Main Folder simply click the mouse over the sub folder or folder you want to go back to. 

It will underline the folder name (as it is a hyperlink back  button) and will take you back to that folder once you click. See example below:

What is the maximum file upload capacity?

Store as much or as little as you want the only restriction an individual file should not exceed 4GB.