The Dashboard shows all recent activity (History) that has taken place with your contacts database. 

Dashboard Graph: 

The line graph you see at the top of the Dashboard is a summary of Recent Activity shown by different history types such as Phone, Email, Proposal, Sale etc.

Filter Activity using the Activity past drop down located on the top right, as shown below in red: 

The example below displays activity for the past 12 months:

You can also select from the dropdown 'New Contacts', as shown below: 

The above option will show you a line graph of where new contacts have been.  There are markers for the 1st of each month which show how many contacts have been added in that period. 

Please note: The dropdown options on the graph will only change what is displayed graphically on the graph itself and not change the information on the entries of the Dashboard activity log

Dashboard Activity: 

1. You can view the Dashboard activity by type such as Phone, Email, SMS by using the Customise filter to display activity and show activity by user.

2.  Filter by a history activity and by users to see everyone's activity or an individuals by checking or un-checking the boxes see example below in red:

3. Admin Users can Export out data from the history using the Export button next to Customise  see example below:

It will pull out history - you can choose a data range from between 1 month and up to 1 year the data is downloaded in csv format.


4. The Dashboard also gives you a summary of the number of contacts in your database, number of active tasks and access to the video tutorials:

New contacts mean those contacts created in the last 14 days.

5. There is an option to have a Notice Board on the Dashboard which can be added to your account for an extra fee please contact us to find out more.

It is an ideal place to share information with your colleagues and can be used to show sales income, events and update on internal business news.

To find out more please contact our Support Helpdesk.