CRM VoIP is an optional extra service where a VoIP phone line can be added to integrate in with your CRM account.  

A VoIP phone line is run over an internet broadband connection - you need to have a sufficient broadband line in place in order to support adding a VoIP line.  


Using a VoIP phone line instead of a 'traditional' phone line is now common place in business as VoIP offers great benefits such as reduced line rental, in most cases lower call costs and greater flexibility with call management such as call diverting, forwarding and voicemail. 

CRM integrated VoIP gives you powerful features such as:

  • Click2Call 
  • Caller ID and call in-progress
  • Pop up call alerts
  • Call recording that can be associated to a contact
  • Call forwarding, voicemail email alerts
  • Real-time call statistics and much more.

View our Quick Show Around Tour of VoIP features by clicking here. 


VoIP Pre Set up Checklist Information: 

To make sure you have everything in place to support VoIP please click here to read our pre set up checklist.

Pricing - UK Monthly Line Rental:

You can add a VoIP phone line to your CRM account for just £9 + VAT per line per month. 

You can choose your VoIP number we have a large selection of local geographical numbers, 0845, 0800 and 0333 numbers available.   

International Monthly Line Rental:

For International line rental charges please contact our Support Helpdesk to find out.

UK and International Call Charges:

Call charges are only 1p a minute to UK landlines and 3p a minute to UK mobiles.  To see our UK and International call tariff please click here

UK Setup Charges:

A VoIP Setup charge is applied dependant on the number of lines and phone configuration, we will be able to provide you with a quotation on this. 

We also charge a one off call bond which is based on your monthly call volume and number of lines.  This is refundable should you wish to cancel.  

UK VoIP Phone Equipment:

We also supply a range of VoIP phones and equipment which is fully compatible with our CRM.

To view the range of VoIP cordless phones please click here

To view the range of VoIP corded desk phones and headsets please click here.

International VoIP Phone Equipment:

Please contact our Support Helpdesk for the range of VoIP phone equipment and pricing.