There are various ways to search and filter contacts within your CRM account please click here to view a short video about searching your contacts. 

Alternatively please follow the guide below: 

1. Inside the Contacts section you will find the Search box as shown below:

2. You have the following search filter options available:

  • Name search - either company name or individual name
  • Name (exclude tags) you can choose to exclude a tag group(s) by selecting a tag to exclude and this will list contacts excluding that particular tag(s).
  • Name (no tags) if this option is selected it means you can search contacts that dont have a tag applied to their contact record.
  • Email - search by email address
  • Telephone - search by landline and mobile number
  • Address - such as street name, town, city, county or country. 
  • Postcode - Enter a postcode area such as 'SN1' or SN1 7 etc to see contacts in a specific area
  • Custom Fields - search a selected result from custom field data
  • Tags - search tag groups (these are contact categories)

3. You can also search contacts via the Search History Button:

4. Click on Search History button (see screenshot above)

5. A pop up box will appear for you to type in the search criteria

6. Enter what you would like to search on and then click Search button and the items will appear.