What are Custom Fields?

Custom Fields are fully customisable data fields used to capture information in various formats that can be used to track and search specific data and associate it to any type of contact.  

For a short introduction to Custom Fields please click here.

Why use them?

Custom Fields are a great way to tailor data to your business by creating different types of fields for different data segments i.e. in a prospect tag group (use the custom fields to a track sales pipeline) and for a customer tag group (track their buying habits or follow up on after-care).

You can search on custom fields as well as pull off custom field data to generate reports to analyse the information.

Videos to help you use Custom Fields:

To see how to associate Custom Fields with Tags please click here.

To see more about the types of Custom Fields you can set up please click here.

What types of Custom Fields can you create?

Decide which format you want, for each field you want to track, for instance you can choose from the following formats:  


Text (one line to enter data)

Text area (multiple lines to enter data)

 Drop down menus

Date fields (In calendar format)

Hyperlinks (for referrals – creates a link to other contacts or organisations within your database)


Buttons – used to trigger action i.e. reports, quotations, delivery notes and for sending standard emails etc.


Radio buttons - used to select a preference or choice from a range of options. 


Rows and columns (to capture multiple data – for reporting purposes)

Auto numbering

Check-list (check one or more boxes next to a list of options)

Read only (cannot edit this custom field once data has been added)

Heading – (to create subject headers to divide up the custom fields for more visual appeal)

Link – (create a direct hyperlink to a website or a URL link)

How to Set Up Custom Fields in your CRM account: 

1. Custom Fields are set-up within the Settings icon along the top menu bar in your CRM account.

2. Just click on this icon and then select the Global Settings tab as shown below in red:


3. Half way down screen you will see Custom Fields, click on + add new button as shown below:

4. This will produce a row of 3 columns as shown below:

Column 1 is the title heading/question you want to track i.e ‘How did they hear about us?’ etc.

Column 2 is to select the format the data is provided in for example, Text, Text area, Drop down, Date, Auto numbering, Rows or Checklist etc.

Column 3 is for the selection of who the Custom Field will be associated with, for instance will the Custom Field apply to ‘All contacts’ or just a specific tag group?  

Please make sure that you only choose one tag if the custom field is not relating to 'All contacts' as if more than one tag group is selected you cannot isolate the data if the contact is tagged with the associated tag. 

To do this you need to choose which tag group you want the Custom Fields to show on i.e. ‘All contacts’ or one of the other tags such as new-client, consultant, current-client’ etc.

So if you choose the tag ‘prospect’ then the custom fields will show ONLY on those contacts tagged as ‘prospect’.  

However if you choose All contacts this has been selected then the Custom Fields will show on every contact.

Please note: If you choose a selection of tags, then if these tags are applied to a contact record the data will be duplicated - please click here for further guidance on this. 

Please note: that Column 4 will only appear if you have selected a Drop down, Checklist or Rows custom field format – for this column to display you will need to firstly click on the ‘Update Settings’ button and then go back into Settings, Global Settings where you will see this 4th column – as shown below:

Entering Drop down options:

When setting information to go in the Drop down menu please ensure each drop down option has a comma (,) to separate but NO space see example below. 

Please remember You MUST put a comma to finish.

Setting up a Checklist:

If you have selected a checklist as your custom field format please enter your checklist options in the 4th column.  

Separate each checklist option with a comma but please do not put a comma at the end as this will give you an extra checkbox if you do.

Setting up Rows:

When setting up Custom Fields in the Rows format, you can enter a number into the last column (column 4) and this will create the number of additional rows you require (maximum is 5).  

The example below shows 3 columns by entering the number 3 in 4th column, just click on the Update Settings button to activate.

This Custom Field shown above has been associated with the tag ‘delegate’  by going into a contact record that the Custom Field Row applies to you will see the Rows as shown below:

You can add information into these 3 new columns and you can add more than one row using the + button – as shown below in red:


Then click on Update to save.

Once you have entered your Custom Fields into Global Settings you can go back to your contacts and see them displayed.