You can create tasks and associate tasks with your contacts database. This means the the task will show up inside the associated contacts record as well as on your task lists.

To view a quick video on how to associate a task with a contact please click here

Alternatively please read out step by step guide below:

1. Create a task either from within a contacts record by clicking on the Task icon as shown below: Please note there are two ways to get to    the Create New Task window - as shown below in red either from the Task + button or the Task icon button:

2. The Create New Task Window pops up - complete the task details and see how the task is automatically associated with the contact record - as shown in red.

3. Click on Create to save the task.

4. Click on Tasks icon along menu bar here you will see your tasks listed.  If tasks are associated to a contact the contacts name will be displayed - as shown below:

5. If you click on the task from the Task overview screen as shown above you can click directly into the the contacts record that the task is associated to by clicking on the hyperlinked contacts name as shown below in red:

6. This hyperlink takes you directly into the contacts record where the task is shown: