We have now extended out our email marketing service so that you can send out individual emails directly from inside a contact record which are sent via our e-Marketing platform to allow you to track the status of the email.   

Send customised individual emails with attachments, images and hyper links to a contact and track the status of the email so that you can see when the email has been SENT, OPENED and any links CLICKED. 


Please see some of the key features below: 

1. You can create standard email templates that can be used again and again – great for sales and support teams.


2. Attach up to 4 documents to an email which directly links up to the File Repository feature inside your account.

3. Insert url links into the email and see if the recipient has clicked on the link by viewing their history record. 


4. Tracking emails could not be easier as a status is shown against the contacts history.


5. Change email template visibility settings to enable you to set email templates that are visible to everyone or just you.


6. Set up and save templates - with personalised signatures.

7. The ability to hide your personal templates from the rest of the team so you only see your own if you wish.

8. The ability to be able to paste in the template but also edit it before sending out - ideal if you want to personalise it for a prospect or customer.

How to access the internal email feature:


1. Open up the contact record for whom you want to send an email to.  


2. So long as the contact has an email address recorded against their contact record, click on the envelop icon shown in the contacts business card section as shown below in red:



3. Please make sure you click on the envelop icon and not the actual email address.  When you have clicked on the envelop icon a Popup email window will appear as shown below: 



4. The From: field will automatically be populated with your name and email address that you will send the email from.


5. The To: field will automatically populate with your contacts email address.  


6. You can type an email to your contact by completing the Subject: field and enter text into the text area etc.  


7. If you wish you can attach up to 4 documents to your email, by clicking on the Attach Files 'Select' button as shown below in red:

8. This will take you directly into the File Repository section where you can find your file to attach the the email and insert.  

9. Please note that although you can attach up to 4 files you must attach these one at a time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you experience any problem accessing the files inside your account from here i.e. an error box appears then click here for the solution.

10. As well as sending a 'one-off' email to a contact you can also create email templates that can be used over and over to save time, please see information on how to create an email template below:

How to create an email template?


1. Click on the ‘Manage Templates’ hyperlink as shown in red below:


2. A new pop up window will appear for you to name the template email in the Name field and then click on the ‘Create New’ button.


3. Please note: that you can select the Visibility option for each template you create - either selecting 'Everyone' or 'Just Me' as shown below: 


4. When you have made your selection and clicked on 'Create New' Next it will open up a blank email template for you to set up. Give the email a subject line (this is what the recipient of the email will see in their inbox). 


The recipient will also see that the email has come from you the user as it will use the preferred email address you have set up to show for you as a user. 



5. Here is an example of a template that has been created.  It automatically pulls in the contacts email address so should you wish to send the email straight away you can.  

6. You can insert merge fields into your email template by clicking on the Insert icon as shown below:

 7. This gives you a choice of different merge fields to insert into your email, choose from:


  • View Online
  • Unsubscribe
  • First Name 
  • Last Name
  • Business Name
  • Signature 


As shown below: 


8. When you have inserted your merge fields into the email template you can click on the MailMerge check box as shown below to see how the merge pulls in for example your contacts first name:

9. Just place a check in the Mailmerge box:

10. You will now see the merge fields shown with the data from your contact's record - in the example below it has pulled in the contacts first name:

11. You can now send your email to your contact by clicking on the Send button.

12. To save your email template please un-check the MailMerge box so that you can then see the link to Manage Templates, this allows you to save the new template as shown below:

13. Once you have added a few new templates you can go straight into a contact click on the email envelope symbol on the business card to pull up the internal email. 


14. Then simply click on the down arrow on the Template to pull in one of the new templates that are listed – see example below:


To keep them categorised in order – see how we have prefixed the department or category name of the template with the word ACCOUNTS – so we can see all of the Accounts email together as shown below:



You can do the same with SALES, SUPPORT or maybe a sales persons name i.e.  JOHN, JANE.  


When you have a long list it is much easier to see those templates if you work this way from the start as you cannot create folders here.


What you cannot do with the internal email:


1. You cannot send bulk email, you can only send to one email address at a time as it is associated to each contacts history record.


2. You cannot bcc the email to another recipient. 


If you have any questions about this new feature please contact us our Support Helpdesk.