Step-by-Step Guide on How to import contacts from an Excel Spreadsheet

Importing Data into your CRM is easy, please click here to watch our short video: 

After watching the above video, simply use our import templates as a guide.  We have a choice of standard data import templates that you can choose from, depending on your business.  

Please see below to select the import template that is relevant to your business:


What to do next? 

Take a look at our short video guide on how to tidy up your data so that it is ready for importing please click here to view. 


1. Once you have selected one of the above data import templates just replace your headings in your own spreadsheet with the ones on the data import template. 

Please note the headings for Custom Fields must be exactly the same as the headings inside your account for the data import to be successful.


2. The column called Categories is where you enter your tag group(s) just enter each tag name separated by a comma and NO SPACE – i.e. customer,south-west,new-lead (these are then automatically imported as tags within your account and are used to segment your contacts into different categories).

3. Any additional columns beyond the Website column will be treated as a Custom Field.

4. Before you import the data into your account ensure that you have changed the file format from an xls format to a CSV – (comma delimited) file.


5. Now you are ready to import. Go to contacts page and click on the Import button as shown below in red: 


6. A screen will appear where you can automatically choose to merge duplicate contacts by leaving the default setting as Yes. 



Please note: if you are certain that your datasheet contains only new contacts that are not already on the CRM system you can click on the 'No' option above so that contacts are not merged in with existing records.  

Merges may mistakenly happen if a match is found on first name or last name for your contacts with contacts that already exist on the database.   If in doubt please contact our Support Helpdesk to discuss. 

7. Next choose your file you wish to import and click on the Import button as shown below:



Please Note: 

  • You cannot change the names of any heading – except for custom fields at the end – you can match the headings here with the headings you have in your account. 
  • You need at least a First Name or Last Name or Company Name in place for the row / record / contact to be valid.

Before you import the data ensure that you have changed the file format from an xls format to a CSV format

To do this just go to File - Save As - and from the 'File type’ – choose .CSV file (Comma delimited) or Unicode format if you are using extended characters (i.e. foreign characters etc).

Please note: If importing a large amount of data the system can take longer to import - please allow time for this process to finish. 

If you have any questions please contact our Support Helpdesk.