Call Answering pop up script image

What are pop-up scripts

The purpose of a pop-up script is to set up quality guidelines or legal obligations to ensure that the team follow these to the letter so that there is continuity and quality control on what is being said to a caller and what information is being taken and processed during the call.  

1. The team can follow a verbal script i.e. reading the script from the on-screen (particularly important in the financial sector to ensure information given about products and services is not mis-sold).  

2. The team can follow a questions and answers script i.e. ask questions and complete the answers on-screen with the customer or caller.

3. The team can follow a combination of verbal script and questions.

Who uses pop-up scripts?

Ideal for sales teams, call centres (to capture important information following a script process that can be logged against a contacts history) and industry sector such as trades/construction (pop up job quotations over the phone), health sector (complete consultation forms), recruitment (screening candidates prior to interview) and many others.

How does it work?

1. Create a script i.e. a set of questions and answers for the telesales/sales team to follow.

2. Create a form i.e. consultation form, enquiry form, booking form, job/quotation form etc customised depending on your business needs.

We upload this script or form to pop up into a window when you press a button inside your account.


Want to know more?

Please click here to watch a short video showing an example of a pop up script inside a CRM system.  

Please contact our Support Desk with your questions and for information on pricing and set-up.