What are Tags and how to set them up?

Please click here to watch our short introduction about Tags. 

Tags are used to segment your contacts into different categories so that you can search for a specific tag group and for target marketing purposes.

For instance - you may want to divide your contacts up by using tag groups such as ‘hot-lead’‘website-enquiry’ or ‘client’ so that you can search and segment these tags groups and capture key information relating to each tag group.

The screenshot below shows a contact tagged as 'claire', 'opt-in', 'prospect' and 'summer-promotion'.


Searching and Segmenting Contacts using Tags

Please click here to watch a short tutorial video about searching and segmenting contacts using tags. 

From the Contacts screen select the tag label icon as shown below:  

You will see there is a Filter Tags box which allows you to enter the first few letters of the tag you are looking for and it will automatically filter and find that tag group.

Alternatively select the name of the tag you want by clicking and all contacts with this tag group will be displayed.

Please note that the bigger the font for a tag name the more contacts have been tagged with this tag.  If you hover your mouse over each tag group it will show how many contacts the tag has been applied to.

If you click on the tag group 'customer' for example you will then see your contacts displayed with the tag selection shown - as shown in red below: