When using Template Builder software to design your email campaign you can select a different background colour to the pale grey that is automatically selected.

To help you do this we have created a short guide please read below to see how:

1. Click on the Source code icon along the menu bar of the email template – see below highlighted in red:


2. This will pop up a window to display the html code.  You will see that the bgcolor (background colour) is set to bgcolor=#D6D5D4”> which is the colour for pale grey - as shown below:

3. All you need to do is go into the colour palette to find out what colour you want and the colour code you need to replace the #D6D5D4 with the colour of your choice.  

If you would like a plain 'White' background just enter #ffffff. 

Here is an example: Click the A background colour icon at the top of the campaign editor icon to select colour as shown below:

4. Next select custom as shown below:

5. Next you have a selection of picker where you can choose through the colour spectrum your exact background colour.  You will see that the name of the colour you choose will be shown as a code.

6. Note what the colour is i.e. in the example above I have chosen #f2ebf2 so I now need to go back into the template HTML and replace the bgcolor #D6D5D4 with #f2ebf2 by copy and pasting in BE CAREFUL not to get rid of the bgcolor= and the quotation marks ” and >otherwise it will not work.  

Please see the example below:  

7. Click on OK to update.

8. You will now see that the background has changed from pale grey to dusky pink as shown below:

9. Please click on Save to make sure you save this new background colour.

As well as changing the background colour of your email template you can also change the colour of the background behind the email text itself. 

To see how to do this please find step by step instructions below: 

1. Go to the Source Code icon


2. Search for the text 'backgound-color' and where you see the default colour of #D6D5D4 you can change this to another colour of your choice. 

3. To make the background of your template (behind the text) just change the colour to white if you prefer by using #ffffff instead as shown below: 


4. Click OK and then you will see your background is now white as shown below: 


5. Click 'Save' to save your changes.