What is the View Online Link for?

The view online link enables readers to click this link to view your email campaign directly in their web browsers. This is helpful for those people who cannot view the HTML version of your campaign or download images in their email programs.

Why do I need to add it into my email template?

As part of our e-Marketing service we recommend that you add a view online link at the top of all email campaigns as we believe this is best practice.

This not only allows the reader to fully view your email campaign but also helps to improve the open and click rate inside the report stats and therefore will help ensure the most success from your email campaign.

How do I add the View Online link to my email template?

1. Click on the name of the email campaign to open up the Edit window as shown below in red:

2. Put your cursor at the top of your email campaign (this is where the view online link will go) and click on the Insert option as shown below in red: 

3. You will then see the View Online option in the dropdown menu as shown above in red. Click to select this and the link will automatically be put into your email template as shown below:

4. Click on Save to save your changes.