Yes you can port over an existing phone number into our CRM VoIP platform, so long as your current provider allows you to port out your number to another provider. 

Many businesses choose to port their existing business number(s) over to us so that they can benefit from: 

  • Integrated calls with their CRM.
  • Click2call 
  • Call recording
  • Call stats
  • On-screen call pop alerts
  • Voicemail email/SMS alerts

Please note: that 0800 numbers tend to be difficult to port out, but instead we can look at pointing an 0800 number into our system - if this is done you would still need to pay the current provider for the line - however calls would be sent through to us by the use of number pointing. 

What do I need to do to set this up?

1. Provide us with the phone number(s) that you want to port in so we can check to see if they can be ported in or not.


2.  Get in touch with your current telecom provider to check that you are NOT tied into a contract with them as they may refuse to Port out the number or charge you a penalty fee for breaking the contract agreement.  Please be sure to check this as we cannot be held liable here.

3. Once you have confirmation that the number can be ported out and over to our CRM VoIP platform, please ensure that you give your current telecom provider permission to do so and inform them that they will shortly receive a Letter of Authority with gives official notification of the porting request. 

4. We will provide you with the Letter of Authority template for you to complete 

Please note this letter of authority must be used on your company's letter headed paper and sent back to us in a non editable (PDF) format.    

As we will be forwarding the paperwork on your behalf to begin the porting process, we will need YOU to check or provide the following information:


  • Provide details of the existing telecom provider you are using that provides you with this number.

  • What is the registered address by the Telecom provider for the line(s) you want to port? (This is NOT usually the address on the phone bill but a different registered address allocated for the line by the telecom provider).  

Please note: If we enter the incorrect address on the submission form it can be rejected and then we have to re-submit the documentation if we do then YOU will be charged another £30 + VAT porting fee as we have to start the whole process off again and the telecom providers are not lenient here.  It is essential that the registered address for the ported line set by the telecom provider is given to us correctly.

  • Provide your proof of ownership of the phone line(s) by sending us with a copy of your phone bill within the last 3 months with details and calls relating to this number(s) you want to port in. 

  • Please let us know if the line you wish to port over terminates at a PBX or onto a socket?

How much does it cost to port in a number and how long does it take?

For UK single geographic numbers we charge a one-off fee of £30 + VAT to port in the number.  For multi-lines and international numbers please contact us for pricing.

Please note it can take up to 2-3 weeks to port out a number from a provider over to us.  When you are given the day the number will port over this can happen any time between 10am and 5pm on that day.

Can I port out my number if I decide to cancel at a later date?

Yes you can port the number back out if you wish.  Please contact our Support Helpdesk for further details on how to do this.

Do you have broadband connected to the line you wish to port?

Please note: You CANNOT port a line that has broadband connected to it as you will LOSE the broadband. 

We can still port the number but you will need to get a new line with broadband installed so that you can run both the CRM and VoIP telephony service, as it runs over the internet and so requires a broadband connection.  

This you have to organise yourself separately during the time of porting. Otherwise once the number goes over to VoIP you lose your broadband line completely!  

Failure to do this means disruption of service until you have broadband available to run the CRM and VoIP service.

Please note: we cannot port in Skype numbers. 

Is there any disruption to my phone line while the number is being ported over? 

On the day the number is ported (you will be given a date that the number will port over) there may be some disruption during the time that the number is ported over but this is normally kept to a minimum as a time is normally given on the day or porting.