What is the Unsubscribe Link for?


To comply with our e-Marketing policy on spam you must give the email recipient the opportunity to unsubscribe themselves from receiving any future emails from you again.  

The unsubscribe link greatly reduces the chance of your email campaign being marked as spam.


Why do I need to add the Unsubscribe link to my email template?

Every email campaign you send out including email newsletters should contain a way for the reader to unsubscribe. 

This is a requirement of our e-Marketing spam policy.

We  manage unsubscribes by removing them automatically so that they cannot be sent any future email campaigns again via our e-Marketing.

How do I add the unsubscribe link to my email template?

To add the unsubscribe link to your email template you need to:

1.  Click on the email campaign name to get into the Edit window as shown below in red:

2.  Position the the cursor where you would like the unsubscribe link to display on the email campaign.  The unsubscribe link is normally positioned at the bottom of the email.

3.  Click on the Insert option inside the Campaign Editor window - which is located at the  top right-hand corner of the screen (see screenshot example below) 

4.  From the drop down select the Unsubscribe option to add this to your template as shown below:

5. You can now see the link has automatically been inserted - see below:  

6. Click on the Save button to save the changes.