How do I assign a task to someone else?

1. Go into task section inside a contacts record and click on add a task as shown below in red:

2. A pop will appear – enter the task information in Task and Description fields:

3. Set due date, time and priority.

4. Next click on the Assigned To drop down arrow and a list of all of your users will display.  Click on the person you wish to assign the task to – see screenshot below:

5. When you have added all the details click on Create to save the task.

What happens next?

If you create a new task and assign that task to a colleague, that person will instantly get an email task reminder to let them know that you have assigned them a task.

Any details of the task will be displayed in this email reminder along with the due date and if you have associated the task with a contact the contacts name will be shown.

The day the task is due the person you have assigned the task to will get another email reminder at the beginning of the day to remind them that the task is due that day.

If you have created the assigned task with a due time then another email will be sent to that person 1 hour before the task is due.

The task that has been assigned to a colleague will be shown in their task 'In Tray' folder. 

You will see the assigned task in your 'Assigned' task folder as shown below:


If using global task folders instead you could put the task into a folder such as their named folder for you to be able to view it, for example:


The assigned task can then be seen inside the folder name and not the 'Assigned' folder. 

When the task status has been changed from Not Started to either In Progress or Completed you will receive an email to update you on the status of the task you have assigned.

How do I know if an assigned task has been completed?

You will receive task email updates for any task you assign to a colleague - when they have completed the task you will get an email.   

You can also track the status of an assigned task inside your account by doing the following:

1. Go into the task section

2. Click on Assigned folder

3. This will show you the status of your assigned tasks – see how far along they have been completed i.e. 50%, 75% etc.

4. To view ALL of your completed tasks click on the show completed button

5. Now you can see all the completed assigned tasks these will be shown as 100%

If you have any questions about any of the above please contact our Support Desk.