Yes you can link tasks to your calendar or to a colleagues calendar if you have assigned the task to them.  Just follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Task icon and select the New Task button as shown below: 

2. Inside the Create New Task window you will see the option to insert the task into your calendar and to select a time too - as shown below:

3. This will then create a calendar event in your calendar or if you have assigned the task to a colleague the calendar event will be shown in their calendar.

4. If you then click on the calendar event inside the calendar you can click on 'Edit Event' as shown above

5. You can then set up a pop up reminder as shown below - choosing when the pop up reminder is activated: 

6. Click on the Save button.

The pop up reminder will show up on screen inside your CRM account at the time you have set the reminder for, for example 1 hour before the time the task is due, as shown in the example below: