1. The phone will automatically show a screen saying 'Register' when you charge it and first switch it on.

2. Press the right hand arrow key on the silver square to access the menu options.

3. Next select the option Settings - this is shown as a spanner icon

4. Next select Handset and Registration

5. If asked to enter PIN enter 0000 

6. You will see the message Base flash on the display screen of your phone

7. Go to the base station - within 60 seconds of pressing register on the phone, press and hold the registration/paging button for about 3 seconds. (The main blue button in the middle at the front of the base station).

8. The Phone screen should confirm it has been registered by displaying INT 1.

Now your handset will be registered and ready to use.

If you need to configure a VoIP line onto the handset then please click here as this line will need to be configured onto the Base Station first.