If you have html code that you want to paste into a brand new email campaign inside the eMarketing platform you can do this by selecting either software options Template Builder or New Campaign options.  

Please note: We do not recommend pasting in html code into the e-Marketing text editor.  Designers should instead have access to a clients CRM account to be able to create the html template inside the e-Marketing platform. 

1. Click on the campaign name to open up the Campaign Editor window

2. You will see the Source code icon as shown below along the top of your Campaign Editor window:

3. This will open up a window where you can paste in your existing html code - as shown below. 

4. Click on OK after.

Please Note: when the html code is pasted in our e-Marketing it is very likely you will need to do further editing as it will not copy over images or inline style sheets (formatting, background colours etc). 

Although pasting in html will save you time by not starting from scratch please do not expect it to look exactly as your original html code as it has its limitations.

The best advice would be to create the html code inside our e-Marketing that way you will reduce any of the above issues.