Lots of different business choose to use bulk SMS marketing for a number of reasons.

1. The majority of people rely on a mobile phone and are more likely to open it compared to an email.  Latest statistics report that around 98% of all SMS messages are opened.

2. It is a new way to market to customers and prospects and is proving to be highly effective.

3. It is cost effective and as the message gets delivered immediately and opened rapidly it doesn’t have the complexity of spam filters and regulations you get with e-Marketing.

4. Many use it to remind customers or prospects to reduce the amount of now shows for appointments or events.

What type of businesses use SMS Marketing: 

1. Health industry (i.e. Doctors, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractioners etc) and Beauty (hair, nail and beauty salons) businesses use bulk SMS for appointment reminders to reduce the number of no shows.


2. Event and Networking organisations like to use SMS to remind or inform their contacts about current or up and coming events and special offers as well as measure the response rates to anticipate how many people likely to be attending.


3. Retail industries like to send out special offers to customers – especially seasonal when it is likely that customers are out and about shopping and can just produce the offer from their mobile phone to get discount.


4. Restaurants send out special offers – i.e. Pizza Express use this method heavily to get customers to book a table on the spur of the moment – just show the text offer and the bill is deducted there and then at the table.


5. Couriers and delivery – provide bulk SMS to inform customer when package is going to be delivered to ensure the customer is going to be in to receive the goods – saving the courier time and effort by reducing no shows.


6. Garden Centres and DIY use it seasonally – anticipating what customers needs at the right time of the year i.e. special offer on Xmas trees early December, special offer on Paint during a Bank Holiday.


7. Taxi companies to let you know your taxi has arrived and is waiting outside for you – all part of the personal service to the customer but saving time to the business.

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