Importing Contacts from Outlook:

1. From your Outlook contacts, select the File menu, select Open click on Import as shown below:

2. S
elect Export to a file and click on 'Next' as shown below:

3. Make sure that Comma Separated Values (DOS) is selected (known as a .CSV file) and click on Next.

4. Check the Export to a File selection is Contacts, and click on Next as shown below: 

5. Select a place on your computer to save the file (using Browse) and give it a name. For example: C:my documentschelsea contacts.CSV

6. Click Next, check the confirmation screen and click Finish

7. Open up the data sheet and check your data. 

Once you have your data you will need to use one of the data import templates to match up your column headings with the headings on the template so that the data from Outlook can be successfully imported into CRM account.

We have several different templates for you to choose from which will be relevant depending on your business type (simply copy and paste the headings from one of these templates into your own spreadsheet so they are spelt the same way)


Data Import Template Business2Business

Data Import Template Business2Consumer

Data Import Template Both Business2Business and Business2Consumer

Please note: the order of the column headings does not matter and will not affect the data import. If you follow this correctly it will ensure that all of the data is imported into the correct place.

Find the column called Categories - here you will enter the tag group(s) that you want your contacts to have when imported into your account.

Any additional columns beyond the Website column will be treated as a Custom Field.

Please click here to see more information about importing contacts from a spreadsheet into your CRM account.