To find contacts in tag groups quickly please follow the step by step guide below:

1. Go to the Contacts screen


2. Select the tag label icon which will bring up the Select Tag box as shown below:

3. You will see on the Select Tag box that there is a Filter Tags box which allows you to enter the first few letters of the tag you are looking for and it will automatically filter and find the tag group.

4. Alternatively select the name of the tag you want by clicking on the tag group name

5. All contacts with this tag group will be displayed as the example shows below all contacts with the tag 'customer' are shown:

Why is the font larger on some tags than others?

You may notice that some of your tags are in large font size and some are in small size font as shown below:  

The larger the font the more contacts have been tagged with that tag group.  

For example the tag group customer is shown in much larger font than the tag group customer this is because there are more contacts tagged as customer than there are tagged as summer-promotion.

If you put your mouse over any of the tags shown in the Select tag window you will see how many contacts are in that tag group.