To help keep on top of tasks you can use task folders to organise yourself - putting tasks into different folders such as call backs, quotations and admin for example. 

Task folders can be easily set up inside the Task section your CRM account - to create new task folders please follow the guide below:

1. Click on the Create Task Folder button as shown below:

2. A Create New Task List window pops up - just enter the name of the task folder and click on create to save as shown below:

3. You will now see your new task folder as a tab along the top of your tasks - as shown below:

4. You can move any task into a folder of your choice by either dragging a task into a folder or by opening up the task and changing the folder that the task is in.

5. Click the icon shown on the left hand-side of each task - as shown in red below - this enables you to drag and drop the task into another task list folder. You will see a message displayed moving 1 task as highlighted below in red when you are moving a task.

6. You can simply just drop that task into another task folder - such as quotations. 

7. Alternatively you can go into edit task and the click on the Task List drop down option and click on the task list folder you want to move it to then click on update and your task will appear in the other folder as shown below:

8. Click on Update to activate the change.