The number of contacts displayed on your spreadsheet or CSV. file can differ from the amount  imported into your CRM account.

The discrepancy will be to do with duplicate data. The system will automatically merge duplicates contacts together which would explain for the number difference.

How does it know what contacts to merge?

When the data is imported a number of checks against each contact is carried out when deciding if it should be merged a contact record or should create a new one. It checks against the following:

  • Email address
  • First Name and Last Name
  • Organisation
  • Address (first line and postcode)

How do I turn merge on or off when data importing?

1. When you go into contacts and click on the import button a pop up screen will appear (example below).

2.  Next you can choose whether you wish to merge duplicate contacts or not by selecting the radial button Yes or No.  

Please Note:  The default Merge Contacts is set at Yes so if you do not want to merge contacts you MUST re-select the No option.