If you decide to cancel your CRM account and wish to export out the data you can do this via csv format.  

Please note: this will only export out contact profile information along with notes, custom fields and tags.

If  you would like a more comprehensive data extraction the we can provide this at an additional cost. 

We provide the following functionality to allow you to extract your data: 

a. Contact details - including all tags, notes and custom fields
b. Calendar - via SyncML synchronisation
c. Files - via download

Tasks and History are not currently available for self-extraction, we will however assist you with providing this information in a machine readable format (excluding file attachments - we can extract attachments and provide these on physical media at a cost per GigaByte of data).  Please contact our Support Helpdesk to find out more. 

Should you require data to be extracted in a different format, other then what we usually supply, then our standard professional fees will be chargeable. 

Please contact our Support Helpdesk for more information and a quotation.