To change the name displayed on your cordless Gigaset phone you need to do the following:

1. Press the INT button this is located on the left of the central silver square button on the handset. See example below highlighted with red box.

2. Select the name on the phone you wish to change.

3. Press Options

4. Select Rename - press OK

5. Enter the name you wish to be displayed on the handset using the keypad

6. Press Save 

7. The name will now be displayed on the handset.

Please note this is different from changing the name of your phone line that others will see when you call them internally - if you need to do this then please read below: 

1. Access the Base Station web interface and to login - please click here to see how. 

2. Once logged in navigate to the ‘Settings / Telephony / Number Assignment’ … here you will see your phone handset(s) listed:

4. You can change the name of your handset from here - which gives others the ability to see your phone displayed if they transfer a call to you via the same Base Station please click here to read more.   

5. When you are done – click “Set”

6. Log off when you have finished.