How to customise your CRM account:

To help you get started with using your CRM account we have created a useful guide to show you how you can customise your account to reflect your business by the use of:

  • Custom History types for capturing a log of all communication with contacts
  • Set up Task folders and shared Task folders with your colleagues to track activity and projects
  • Set up Tags for segmenting and searching contacts
  • Set up Custom Fields to capture key information about your contacts

Custom History Types:

When you click inside a contacts record you can store History items which are all the communications or correspondence you have had with the contact - for example a log of all Email, Phone, Meetings, Bookings etc.  

Many of our clients like to customise these History types which are initially set up with the standard default types for:  

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Note
  • Meeting 

How to change the History types? 

If you wish to replace any of the 7 History types with something more relevant to your business then just email your changes to our Support desk and we will make the changes for you.

Here are some suggestions you might want to consider when customising your History types for:

  • Quote
  • Order
  • Invoice
  • Sale
  • Appointment
  • Consultation
  • Event
  • Booking

The screenshot below shows inside the History section of a contacts record where the History types are display:

Set up Task folders:

When you go into the Task section of your CRM account you can create individual task folders to store your tasks in the relevant folder. This is a great way to keep your tasks tidy and easy to manage. 

By default the In Tray and Assigned task folders are set up -  both these folders are personal folders to you the CRM user.  

Additional task folders are shown below: 

How to set up Task folders? 

Click on the Create Task Folder button as shown below in red: 

A Create New Task List window pops up - just enter the name of the task folder and click on Create to save as shown below:

You will now see your new task folder as a tab along the top of your tasks - as shown below:

Can I share Task folders with my colleagues? 


You can set up shared Global Task folders in your CRM account - so that individual task folders can be shared amongst you and your colleagues to enable you all to monitor and track tasks through to completion. 

Global Task folders are great for monitoring progress on shared projects or specific tasks that have tight deadlines.  

Managers for instance, can see a list of tasks and who they have been assigned to and track the status of the task. 

Please click here to view a short video about Global Task Folders;. 

Please see an example below of Global Task folders that have been setup:

To get them set up simply decide how many folders you want to set up that will be viewed by the rest of the team and the name of each folder – email this in to our Support desk and we will get them set up for you. 

Set up Tags to segment your contacts:

Tags are used to segment your contacts into different categories for instance you may want to divide your contacts up into groups such as:

  • ‘hot-lead’
  • ‘website-enquiry’
  • 'client’ 

Using Tags to segment your contacts enables you to search these tag groups and capture key information relating to each tag group.

Setting up Tags enables you to search for contacts in a set group faster and can later be used for sending out email marketing campaigns in a very targeted way.

Please click here to watch our short video to help you set up Tags and use these to segment your contacts. 

Set up Custom Fields to capture key information:

Custom Fields enable you to capture unique business information that is relevant to your business sector and record this information against your contacts. 

Custom Fields are easy to set up and allow you to fully customise what fields you want to set up and how you want to record the information you capture. 

Please see the example below of some Custom Fields set up for a contacts record: 

Please click here to watch the quick tutorial video on how to set up your own Custom Fields. 

Online Help and Support 

Please visit our Knowledge Base which has lots of video links and frequently asked questions with answers to help you get up to speed with your new account.   

Just click on the ‘Help' icon inside your CRM account as shown below: 

A pop up screen will appear where you will see a the Knowledge Base with a selection of frequently asked questions and answers as shown below: 

If you would like to contact us with a support query or search for a topic please click on the envelope icon as shown below: 

Here you can contact our Support Team directly by email - just complete your details and click on 'Send Feedback' to submit your request/query etc.

To find out more about accessing online Help and Support please click here