You can print out your calendars from your CRM account in the following views: 

  • Current View - enabling you to print out 'Day', 'Week', 'Work Week' or 'Agenda' view
  • 1 Month View

This above options are useful if you want to print off work schedules to hand out to your team. 

1. Go to the Calendar section - here you will see your 'current view' as shown below:

2. On the right hand side you will see a control panel of buttons - as shown below:

3. The options you want to select are:

  • Print current view if you want to print the view you are in - it will simply print this page to screen for you.

4. To change your 'current view' just click on the different tabs across the top of the calendar as shown below:

5. Then click on 'Print current view' to print out that view of your calendar .

Please Note:  If you want to print off Individual calendars click here for further instructions.  The above information is all about printing off the ALL calendars.

6. Alternatively you can select: 
  • Print calendar (1 month) - this will enable you to print out a 1 month view.

7.  If you click on 'Print Calendar (1 month)' then you can print from a PDF for future events 1 month in advance.

8. Click on the Print calendar (1 mo) button and a pop up will appear as shown below:

9. Click on OK and it will then display the monthly calendar range - it takes the start date from the today's date.

10. Click on the 'Print' icon to print out.