Customise Calendar Event Invitations/Reminders

We can customise the email calendar event invitations and reminders by:

  • Adding your company logo to the reminder email
  • Adding any additional text or hyper-links you wish to be displayed on the template
  • Adding a different subject line of your choice

Please see the example invite below which can be branded with your own version:

Event Invitation email:

You will also need to have the calendar email invite template reminder set up too:

You simply provide us with the layout and images you want and we set it up. This means that any email that goes out will be customised to your company image look and feel. 

We charge for this service which depends on your requirements and level of customisation. 

A more complex email reminder can include more headings, imagery and personalisation, please contact our Support Helpdesk for pricing. 

Please see some further examples below to show a more complex template that can pull in custom field data:

Complex pulling in information from custom fields:

Please contact our Support Helpdesk to send us an example of exactly what you want and we can price this for you accordingly based on the time it takes to create and set-up.