The reason this has happened is that when you imported your data the ‘Preferred Location’ was set to Home.  To change this you need to add this column to the spreadsheet that is being imported … and set the column to say ‘Work’

Alternatively you could open up the contacts that are affected and inside the Edit window as shown below:

You can click the Home tab and click to make default contact type as shown below:

You can click to make the Home tab the default contact type by clicking on the 'click to make default contact type' option as shown below:

Click on Update to save.

You will then see the Home details for your contact displayed on the Business card section as shown below:

Please click on Update to save.

The contact details will then be shown on the contacts business card section.

Please note: the black arrow as shown below in red - this allows you to scroll between the Work and Home addresses and contact details.