1. When importing contacts into your account by default contacts will automatically be de-duped as the system will automatically de-dupe by merging duplicate contacts together.

To decide if a contact should be 'merged' the system looks at the following: 

Contact Name

Company Name 

Email Address

First Line of Address

If we find matches on one or more of these then the system will de-dupe the duplicate contact by merging into the existing record. 

2. To import data go into the Contacts section of your account.

3. Next click on the Import button located on the right hand side of the screen as shown in red below:

4. A pop up window will appear and there is an option yes/no for merging duplicate contacts.  It is set to yes as the default.

5. See screenshot example below:

You are automatically given the option to Merge duplicate contacts when importing as shown above.

If you wish not to merge duplicate contacts you can select No.