About the Noticeboard: 

The Dashboard is the first place that you and your team login into when you access your CRM account and it is a great area to communicate.   

We provide a standard default layout that you can use however many of our clients choose to customise it.  They want to brand the look and feel of the Dashboard to reflect their business as well as keep their team up to date with important news, industry trends and statistics centrally in one place.

Benefits of having a Noticeboard:

This is an ideal way of sharing information with your team about sales figures, event bookings, internal news and more.  A noticeboard can be used to help motivate the team to drive sales therefore increasing productivity and profit.

You will need to provide your own look and feel that reflects your company branding.

What do I need to do next?

Choose which version of the customise noticeboard you want to go ahead with and then follow the procedure below relevant to your choice.

Basic Version:

The layout is standard and cannot be changed as we provide you with an area that you can customise (as shown in the image above), to get this setup please let us have the following:

1. The content to include

2. Any images   

Please contact our Support Desk with the above and we will do the rest.  

More Complex version:

Please provide us with a written detailed brief of exactly what you want and include the following:

1. Your maximum budget spend - this ensures we can provide you with realistic customised noticeboard within your budget remit

2.  What is your time deadline to have the customised noticeboard set up?

3.  Provide the art work and any URL links for areas that you want to be clickable.

4.  Provide us with a page mock up of how you wish the Dashboard to look - to include layout, visuals and content, to give us an accurate vision of what you want it to look like.  

This will help speed up the process and ensure we know exactly what you want so that we can then provide a quotation accordingly. Send this information to our Support Helpdesk to discuss your requirements further.