No it is not possible to exclude a tag group from an export. If you wish to exclude a tag group you could either:

1. Export out the entire database and then sort the data in the Excel Spreadsheet by the Categories column which lists the tag groups - sort and remove the tag groups you wish to exclude from your list.

2. Or just export by selecting the tag groups 1 at a time - click on the tags label icon as shown below in red: 

3. Select your tag name form the Tag search window


4. YOU MUST be in List View to do the data export as shown below in red:   

5.  Be sure to click on all of the contacts so that they are selected (otherwise it will pull out the whole database).  See example below where contacts have tick next to them.

6.  Now you are ready to export.  Click on the Export button as shown below:

7. Leave the default option as Window 1252 - only use the UTF-8 option if you have foreign characters to import: 

8. Click on Export and your data will download into an Excel .CSV file format. 

If you wish to discuss your data export request further please contact our Support Helpdesk.