Book Appointments 

We can set up a 'Book Appointment ' button directly from a contact's record to enable you to make bookings instantly.

Please click here to watch a short video to show some examples of how bookings can be made from inside a contact's record which includes sending out automated booking confirmation emails and SMS reminders. 

The information below also gives an example of a more basic booking system: 

1.  Go to Contacts section of your CRM account.

2. Open up the contact's record where you will see inside the Custom Field section a button called 'Book Appointment' as shown below: 

3. Click on the Book Appointment button 

4. A pop up will appear for you to select a date and time:

5. Although the screenshot above is blank when you click inside a contact's record it will auto populate the contact fields associated to the contact record you are in i.e. phone, email, mobile etc (depending on what contact info you want to pull in).    

6. You can also pull in job details from additional custom fields inside the contact's record as well if you wish as shown in the example below:

7. Also we can set up drop down menu to choose the calendar name you want this appointment booking to go into.

Please contact our support desk with your requirements or to discuss further.