View your Google Calendar 

You can set-up a one way read from Google Calendar into your CRM calendar, this means that anything entered into a Google Calendar will then be displayed inside your CRM account. 


Unfortunately we currently do not offer a 2 way sync from a calendar inside your CRM account into a Google calendar. 


The current set up is that we pull calendar information from Google in the frequency of hours such as every 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours frequency into your CRM calendar. 


Please follow the instructions below to set this up:

How to View your Google Calendar inside your CRM Account:   

You can set up a one-way read from Google calendar into your calendar inside your CRM account.  Please note that the sync is done 2 hours after set up.


1. Inside your Google calendar click on options icon next to the calendar you want to set up and select your calendar - as shown below in red:

2. Select 'Settings and Sharing' as shown below: 

3. Click on 'Integrate Calendar' as shown below: 

4. Where it says 'Secret Address in iCAL' use this iCal code - copy this code - as shown below in red: 


Please make sure you click on the ICAL for the secret address and not the public address. 

5. Next go into your CRM account and go to the Calendar icon 

6. Click on Create Calendar – as shown below: 


7. Enter the name of your Google Calendar in the Calendar name: field as shown below: 


8. Then click on the calendar Location: field and paste in the URL link from your Google calendar ICAL into the Location field as 

shown below: 


9. Select a Colour from the drop down as shown below:  



10. When you have done this click on ‘Create Calendar’ to save. 



11. Your Google calendar will be synced across to your CRM account every 6 hours.  However if you wish this to be more frequent such as hourly please contact our Support Helpdesk to let us know so that we can set this up for you. 


If you have more than 1 Google Calendar we can set up a sync from these calendars into your CRM account as well.  You will need to follow the same process for each calendar.  


I do not see "Secret Address" what do I do? 


If you are using a Google Apps account for work or school, administrators might change the sharing settings for your calendars. If you do not see the Private Address, ask your domain administrator for help.

For Google Calendar Sync FAQs and Troubleshooting please click here