You can now remove tag(s) from your contacts in bulk saving you time instead of having to remove tags on a contact by contact basis please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Contacts page by clicking on the Contacts icon along the menu bar

2.Search for the tag group you wish to remove from your contacts by clicking on the tag label search icon as shown below:

3.Select the tag group you wish to find by clicking on the name of the tag when displayed in the Select Tag window:

4. All contacts who have the tag group you have selected will now be displayed.

5. If not in List View change your contacts to List View by selecting from the drop down option as shown below:

6. Select all contacts by placing a tick box in the Select first 50|100 Home (this selects all contacts in your tag group).

7. Now select the green Tags tick icon you see at the top - as shown below:

8. This bring up an Edit Tags window where you can choose to Remove the tag that you have searched on from your list of contacts.

9. When you have made your selection click on the Update button to save your changes.

The tag you have selected to remove will now be removed from your list of contacts. 

If you wish to remove the tag entirely then you can go into the Settings icon - select the Global Settings tab and here you will see your global tags listed inside the text box. 

Delete the tag which you have just removed from your contacts so that you no longer have tags that are no longer relevant inside this box. 

Click on Update Settings to save.