1. Admin Users or Key Account Holders have the ability to print a list of contacts from the Contacts screen and export out contacts into a .CSV Excel file.

2. The information provided in print view will contain only the Contacts Name, Organisation, Telephone Number and Email Address and will be pulled out in a pdf format.

3. Please note that the Name column will include both the First Name and Last Name of a contact and combine these together instead of separate columns.

4. If there is no Contact Name but their is a Company Name this will be shown under both Name and Organization columns.

5. Please note that the Print view pulls out the first phone number that has been entered for a contact - this could be a landline or mobile number.

6. Exporting contacts will pull everything (apart from the History section) out into a .CSV Excel File and will also provide you with the following column headings:
  • Unique Client ID Number 
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Business Address/Home Address
  • Contact Numbers/Email Addresses 
  • Custom Field information 
  • Tags (shown under the Categories column heading) 
  • Notes.

7. Exported data can be sorted using the Excel sort filters for further data analysis.