What to check before you send out your email campaign:

Please click here to watch a short video to help you check your email campaign before you send it out. 

Email Checklist: 

Alternatively please read the check list of requirements you need to adhere to before you SEND out an e-Marketing campaign using e-Marketing.

1. You must comply with our e-Marketing Policy Anti-Spam 

Please click here to read our policy before you use the e-Marketing feature. 

2. Has your senders email address been authenticated?  

Authenticating an email address removes the 'on behalf of ' from your email campaign and helps to improve your email campaigns deliverability.

It is strongly recommended that you set up and use a domain email address. We do not advise the use of free source email addresses such as hotmail, yahoo or Gmail for when sending out e-Marketing campaigns as these are likely to receive high bounce rates and could be seen as spam by the recipients.  

Please contact our Support Desk so we can authenticate your senders email address. 

3. Have you set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC records?  

By doing this it will greatly help your email deliverability meaning that your email is more likely to reach the recipients inbox and not be blocked by spam filters.  

Please click here to read more about setting up SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.

4. Have you entered and checked your Subject Line? 

Check your Subject line to make sure that it does not contain any word or phrase that may be deemed as spam – please click here to read more about the spam trigger words to avoid using in your subject line.

Please note: Please make sure the subject line does not contain any pipe characters | as this will cause an issue with the sending of the email. 

5. Ensure all emails have an Unsubscribe Link 

You must provide the recipient with an easy way to unsubscribe - this gives those who do not want to receive emails from you again the chance to unsubscribe - as shown below:  

Please note this is essential as part of our policy on e-Marketing and anti spam.

To add the unsubscribe link to your email please click on the Insert drop down option as shown above and select Unsubscribe to add this link to your template - as shown below:

6. Ensure emails with images have the View Online link 

This should be inserted at the top of the email. Once again click on the Insert drop down option and select the View Online option to add this link to your template.

7. You must ALWAYS ensure when adding a hyperlink you prefix it with https:// 

By doing this the hyperlink will work.  If you only paste www.abc.co.uk this will not work.  Please see the example below:

8. Do not put unusual characters in the subject line

Please do not use characters such as  %,*, $, £, & ! etc otherwise it will throw up errors within your subject line.  This can also be blocked by spam filters. 

9. Always send yourself a test email 

NEVER rely on the preview button this is just a guide - it can vary in format and layout to the actual test.  

The Send Test icon is highlighted below in red:

10. Remember you can duplicate an email and create it as your MASTER email template 

Which you can duplicate for all future campaigns. Just click on the duplicate icon as shown below in red to duplicate and rename - that way you will always have a standard template to work with containing logos and links.

11. When you duplicate an email ALWAYS use the duplicate listed first 

Then go in and rename the template.  Press the F5 key when viewing the main list and it will update the name of the campaign for you.

12. NEVER go into an old email and over-type into it 

This is because there are report statistics which will be associated to the original campaign and if you over-type into this email template and resend it will mess up your reporting stats by adding them to the old report statistics total.

13. Check your Senders Email Address 

When you create the email template please check you have the correct email address on the right hand side of your email - in the Sender Address field - as it will default to your mail drop box address. 

So if you want the email campaign to come from info@abccompany.co.uk or another address please make sure that is entered in the Sender Address field. 

Please Note:

We are not liable if you send out an email without properly checking the format beforehand. 

14. Send a Test Email 

Always send yourself a test email to check the links within your email template.  Do this by clicking on the Send Test icon as shown below in red which is inside your e-marketing campaigns list.

Enter your email address into the send test field and click on 'Send' as shown below: 

If you have any questions please contact our Support Helpdesk for assistance.