You can publish your Windows Live calendar inside your CRM account so that it syncs your Windows Live calendar into your CRM, however this will be one way from Windows Live into your CRM account using a URL link which can be published inside the CRM.

Syncing Windows Live calendar into your CRM account

1. Go into the calendar section of your CRM account:

2. Click on the Create Calendar button as shown below in red:

3. A pop up screen will appear, enter the name of your new calendar in the What field see example below i.e. Windows live Calendar 

4. Click on the Colour and select a colour for your calendar: 

5. Next click on 'Create Calendar' as shown below: 

6. Now you will see the new calendar created 'Windows Live' as shown below: 

7. Click on this calendar and the pop up will appear – this is where you will need to paste in your windows live published calendar information in the field called LOCATION see screenshot below:

8. Before you can paste in the windows live published calendar you will need to pull it out from your windows live account – see instructions below on how to do this:

How to publish your Windows Live calendar(s)?

9. In Hotmail (Windows Live) Calendar right-click the calendar you want to add and select the option “Share” in the menu.

10. Change the sharing settings for your calendar to “share this calendar”

11. Check “send people a view-only link to your calendar”, and click on 'Get your calendar links'.

12. Click the ICS link named “import into another calendar application” from the “links that show event details” list and copy the url (make sure to save your sharing settings in Hotmail Calendar).

13. Copy the URL from the pop-up window and paste it into the CRM calendar you have created for 'Windows Live' add this into the location field as shown below: 

14. Once this has been set up you should then get your Windows Live calendar events syncing over into your CRM 'Windows Live' calendar.  This will be done every 2 hours. You may need to wait 2 hours before it shows the first sync.

If you have any questions please contact our Support Helpdesk.