To create a hyperlink in an email you would need to do the following:

1. Highlight the text that you want to show as clickable for the hyperlink.

2. Click on the hyperlink icon that you can find in the top menu bar of the email text editor it looks like a couple of paperclips on their side as shown below in red:

3. An Insert link window will appear as shown below:

4. To create a hyperlink to an email address you need to type in the first box you see which is labelled Link URL: you need to prefix your email address with the words: mailto: – example would be: as shown below:

5. Please make sure you change the Target field from None to New Window as shown below:

This means any link that is clicked will pop up in front of your email campaign - when the window is closed you still have the email campaign displayed.

6. Then click on OK. 

7.This would then pop up the email address when you click on the link. If you put title text in this will create a mouse roll over near the hyperlink.

8. Please make sure you send yourself a test of your email campaign before you send it out so that you can check all hyperlinks work correctly. 

Please click here to see how to send yourself a test email.