Usually this happens when you first set up your phone and base station, normally after a minute or so the handset will register with the base station. 

Please follow the steps below to resolve this:

1. To register your handset click on the right hand side of the silver square button in the middle of your handset - this will take you to the Menu options.

2. Next select Settings - this may be shown as a spanner icon.

3. Then select Handset

4. Next select Register Handset

5. If asked to enter a PIN enter 0000

6. The message Base will flash on your phones display screen.

7. Within 60 seconds of doing this press and hold the blue button on the front of the base station for about 3 seconds. 

8. Your handset will then display INT 1 which indicates successful registration.

However after doing the above and the phone is still showing the message Base 1 you may need to repeat the above to register the phone once more.

If after you have tried the above several times it could be caused by a power surge or if the broadband went down for some reason.

All you need to do is to reset the base station and this will re-register the handset. To do this just unplug the base station from the router for about 5 minutes then plug back in and the phone should reset itself.