What is a trigger Tag?

This is a tag that has been set up by our Technical team to action the sending of an associated email campaign. 

Once the trigger tag is applied to a contact record an email is automatically sent. 

This has to be set up in advance by our Technical team.  You need to decide the name of the trigger tag and what email campaign is associated to it.

For example you may have a trigger tag called '*introduction-email' – this would then send out a personalised email with a link to your latest brochure or price list. 

Please see below an example of a trigger tag email: 

When applied to your contact - as shown above, this then triggers the sending of an email campaign - as shown below:

When the recipient opens or clicks on the links inside the email your team can see immediately so you can track the response, as shown below:  

Trigger tags work well in sales team environments to save time sending out follow up information. You can set this up in advance and then all your team needs to do is to click on the tag inside a contact and the email gets sent. 

Please note trigger emails go out via our e-Marketing platform so there is a cost associated to each email sent i.e. 1p an email if you are on our e-Marketing adhoc plan or if you are already using our email marketing and are on a monthly plan then it just gets added to this.   

How to set up trigger Tag emails?

All you need is to have the email template set up and then you just need to tell us the name of the trigger tag such as (* visitor) or (* customer) and the name of the email campaign to link the trigger tag to.

Please note: this is a chargeable service, depending on your requirements we will be able to provide you with a quotation for setting this up, please contact our Support Helpdesk to discuss further. 

When would you use a trigger Tag?

After a sales call you could tag a contact as 'brochure' or 'follow-up'.

Trigger tags can be used as part of workflow automation such as a sales order pipeline where you automatically send out an invoice or a confirmation order by email to the contact.

Please note: we advise that it is a good idea to use an asterisk (*) to denote a trigger tag.

To find out more or for a quotation please contact our Support Helpdesk.