Please follow these instructions below to resolve this issue:

1. Access the Settings on your handset by selecting the central button on your handset as shown below and selecting the Settings icon which is shown as a Spanner.


2. Scroll down to select the System menu option. 


3. Scroll down to select Local Network and you will see your IP Address displayed.

4. Enter this VoIP IP Address into a web browser address bar to take you to your Gigaset N300 IP Base Unit settings.


5. Yo should then see the screen saying ‘Gigaset N300 IP’ as shown below: 

6. Where it says enter your system PIN – enter ‘0000’ and press OK

7. Go to the Settings tab, and select ‘Telephony’ from the left hand menu

8. Then click ‘Edit’ next to your number (position 1) as shown below: 

Please note if the line is 'Not configured' you will need to set up the line again please click here to see how. 

9. Then click on 'Show Advanced Settings’ - as shown below: 

10. You will notice that there are 3 places that it says ‘5060’ – please change these to ‘5065’ (Proxy server port / Registration server port / Outbound proxy port) and then click ‘Set’

11. When you first go back to the ‘Connections’ screen it is still likely to say ‘Registration Failed’ but leave it a few seconds and click on the ‘Connections’ in the left hand menu once more – and it should say ‘Registered’ as shown below: 

12. Please then go to the 'Number Assignment' page 

13. Make sure that 'for outgoing calls' is selected against your VoIP line as shown below: 


14. Click on Set to save this setting.


15. Please make sure you click on 'Log Off' to exit the Gigaset Base Station web interface.