View our Video on Sending out your Email

Please click here to view our short video on how to send out email campaigns inside your CRM account. 

Please also see our guide below on how to send out an email campaign:

Using the SEND button in e-Marketing

Before sending out your email campaign please click here to read our pre send check-list to make sure you have followed all the guidance and comply with our e-Marketing anti-spam policy before sending - please click here to read.   

When you are ready to send out an email campaign please follow the steps below:

1. From the e-Marketing section select the name of the email campaign you want to send out by clicking on the ‘Send’ button – as shown below circled in red:

2. A Send Campaign pop up screen will show you the email campaign you have chosen with a choice of who to send the email campaign to as shown below:

3. You have 3 options available to send the email campaign out to the following as shown below:

4. If you choose Everyone – the email will be sent to all contacts in your CRM with an email address.  Be very sure you have obtained email permission from all your contacts before making this choice – as any emails sent without permission will be categorised as SPAM!

5. If you want to select Just these tags you will need to scroll down to the list of the Tagword which show you the tag groups and click on each tag group that you want to select – by clicking to put a tick in the box to select the tag group – please see screenshot below:

The Contacts column shows you how many contacts are in the tag groups such as the tag ‘client’ above there are 67 contacts with that tag applied.

6. You can also select the choice Everyone except these tags and once again use the tag groups list to select the tag groups who you do not want to receive the email campaign as shown below:

7. As you select the tag groups you wish to send your email campaign out to you will see that the number in the CLICK TO SEND box will change as shown below in red:

8. All contacts you have selected to be sent your email campaign will also be listed below showing their email address and contact name:

9. If you wish to remove any contacts listed from receiving your email campaign you can do so here by clicking into the bracketed space in front of their email address to remove them from your email send as this puts a line through their email address– as shown below:

10.  Note how the CLICK TO SEND number has gone down after removing contacts. 

11.  Please make sure you leave the DEDUPE box ticked as shown below:

What is the De-dupe for? 

The dedupe prevents you sending out the same campaign multiple times to the same email address. 

It is set as checked by default to ensure this does not happen. If you uncheck the box then if you send out the campaign to other tag groups that may include the same contact then the recipient will receive the email campaign again which is not advisable as this will be seen as spamming! Always leave the box ticked on default.

12. Also please notice there is the option to use COMBINED tags this means that you can further target market your contacts database by selecting contacts that have more than one tag applied to them – see screenshot below of the combined button below:

13.  Choosing COMBINED means that you can select contacts that are tagged with a combination of tag groups for instance contacts tagged as both a ‘prospect’ and as ‘marketing-campaign’.

14. Choose to send your email campaign to a restricted number of recipients – this is good if you want to send your email campaign out in batches. 

15. You just need to enter the number in the restrict to box and press return – to send to that number – as shown below in red:

16. Choose to send the email campaign out – either by SendNOW or Send Later.

17. Send LATER which gives you the ability to select the date and time of when the email campaign is sent out!

18. If you choose the Send LATER option as shown in the screenshot below, you can click on the date which brings up a calendar – just click on the date you want the email campaign to be sent out on and select from the drop down option the time the campaign is to be sent out.

Please note: that when selecting a time the campaign will be sent out at this may vary slightly as it will depend on the recipients email client when the email is delivered – this may vary by minutes in some cases.

19. When you are ready to send the email campaign just click on the CLICK TO SEND your campaign to button:

20. The email campaign will then be sent out to those email addresses.

New Recipients Feature

Please note: that we have also added an extra feature which will prevent clients from sending a campaign if there are too many NEW recipients in the list. 

If there are more than 20 new recipients and if the percentage of new recipients is greater than 20% – then a message will be displayed to say please contact our Support Helpdesk to send the email campaign.