To replace an existing tag group with a new tag please follow the steps below:

1.  Firstly make sure that you have created the new tag group in Settings, Global Settings and save once you had added your new tag by adding a new tag name to the last tag listed.

2. Please make sure you add your new tag in the global tags box as above, just add a comma (,) no space and then your new tag group as shown below in red:

3. Click on Update Settings to save. 

4. From the Contacts screen search the tag group you wish to replace by selecting the tags search label icon as shown below in red: 

5. Select the tag you wish to replace by clicking on the tag name:

6. Your contacts with the selected tag you have chosen will then be displayed:

7.  Make sure you are in List View by changing to List View if not already in this view:

8. Select all the contacts by placing a tick in the tick box at the top – by ticking this box all contacts in this tag group will be selected. 

9. Alternatively if you just want to select some contacts and not all select those contacts by placing a tick in the box against each ones you wish to select.

10. Next click on the green tick Tags icon.

11. A screen pops up giving you the choice to add either an additional tag or replace a tag with a new tag.

12. Change the default option from add to the replace tag option so that if you then tick the new tag you want to use to replace the old tag and click on Update you will activate this change.

Please use the replace option with caution as if you choose replace it will wipe out any previous tags with the replacement tag(s) you have chosen.