How to select which line to use when making outbound calls? 

As you can register up to 6 lines on the Gigaset N300 and Gigaset N510 Base Station you can select from the Gigaset Dect phones a choice of which line you can dial out from using the step by step guide below: 

1. First dial the number you wish to call

2. Next hold down the Green phone symbol button until a screen appears that says Select line

3. You will see list of lines you have – using the silver square in the middle of your phone – press bottom middle part of it as this allows you to scroll down and select the number – it will highlight it.

4. Next press the Green phone symbol button to connect.

5. This will show the caller the correct number you are dialling from.

Alternatively if you wish you can select one line to be the default line for when you make an outgoing call: 

You can set up one line to become the default line for outgoing calls by following the instructions below: 

1. On your Gigaset cordless DECT handset select the Menu option.

2. Click settings option (shown as a spanner icon) and OK

3. Click the Base option if you do not see this option click on the 'System' option and OK


4. Click Local Network option and OK

5. This will give you an IP address  - write down what the IP address is.  


Please click here to see some instructions on the above to help you find your VoIP IP address.


6. Type in the VoIP IP address into a browser window on your PC - if you have any trouble getting the Gigaset web page to load try missing out the last 0 from your IP address. 


7. This brings you into the Gigaset web interface login screen - enter 0000 as the password to access and click OK as shown below: 



8. This will bring you to a Gigaset main screen see example below.  Click on the Settings option as shown in red: 


9. Next click on Telephony option as shown below:

10. Navigate to the ‘Settings / Telephony / Number Assignment’ … here you will see your phone handsets: 


11. For each handset you can choose which lines will ring on that handset – just click on the check boxes as shown above.


12. You can also select which line profile that handset will have when making calls – just select the line next to the handset you which to make outgoing calls using.


13. When you are done – click “Set”


14. Log off when you have finished.

Please note that we can also set up call line identify for you so that all outbound calls you make are shown at the recipients phone as coming from a number of your choice - please click here to find out more.