What does Unsubscribed mean?

When you send out an email campaign if any of the recipients click on unsubscribe this means they do not wish to receive any further emails and have opted out of your email list.

By law you MUST always have the unsubscribe link in your email campaign see example below: 

If you do not wish to receive emails from us in the future, please unsubscribe here.


Most businesses display this unsubscribe link at the bottom of their email campaigns as shown below:

What happens when someone unsubscribes?

If a person clicks on the Unsubscribe link contained within an email campaign they will automatically see an unsubscribe message to confirm that they have been unsubscribed from future e-marketing campaigns sent via our e-Marketing.

If the unsubscribe link was clicked by mistake they have the option to re-subscribe as there is a link contained on the message to re-subscribe to future email campaigns.

When someone unsubscribes you cannot email to them again using the e-Marketing service from your CRM as their email will be blocked automatically from any future email campaigns you send as they have requested to opt out of receiving emails from you.

Their contact record still remains in your account and you can send emails your normal way via outlook etc but not through e-Marketing.

Inside the contacts history you will also see a history entry which will say UNSUBSCRIBED.

It might be a good idea to also tag anyone with an un-subscribed tag who has chosen not to receive emails from you - this will enable to you keep a group of such contacts together which you can easily search on by doing a tag search.

What happens next?

Once someone unsubscribed this means we cannot email to them on your behalf again directly through the e-Marketing system in your account.

You will still be able to stay in touch with the contact via your email provider i.e Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail etc but they have opted out of receiving any e-Marketing campaigns from you directly.

We will automatically remove any unsubscribed contacts from the e-Marketing system so you do not need to do anything – they will automatically be excluded from any future email campaigns even if these contacts are in the tag group you wish to target. 

Why is it important to have an unsubscribe link in an email marketing campaign?

When you send out an email marketing campaign it is all about quality not quantity.  It makes no sense to email to contacts who are not interested in your services even if they initially gave you permission to market to them.   You MUST always give the email recipient the opportunity to unsubscribe from any future email campaign.

This is also part of our e-Marketing Anti-Spam policy that the unsubscribe link must be present on every email campaign you send via e-Marketing, please click here to read this policy. 

The unsubscribe link also helps you to filter out the hot and cold customers/prospects so that you can target market to a more select group of contacts and get more conversions – therefore improving the success of your email campaigns.