Yes you can pull of the list of unsubscribes via the pdf hyperlink to do this please follow the steps below:

1. Go into your CRM account and into the Marketing section.

2. Click on the Report icon as shown below in red for the relevant email campaign.

3. Click on the unsubscribe number (shown as UNSUB) and it will give you a list below of all those that unsubscribed to that campaign.

4. There is a PDF hyperlink that you can click and this will then give you a list of those that unsubscribed.

5. Any contact that unsubscribes from an email campaign is automatically marked as UNSUBSCRIBED inside their History record as shown in the example below: 

To find out more about how the unsubscribe works inside e-Marketing please click here

Please note: you can also use the Re-TAG option to tag any contacts that have unsubscribed with a tag such as 'unsubscribed' - please click here to find out more.